Sunset Flavors at Galini Cafe, Santorini

As the sun slowly descends into the sea, the caldera puts on its evening colors and the world’s most beautiful sunset unfolds.

You are at the balcony of Galini Café in Santorini, ready to enjoy a unique scene.  From the Galini Café’s wine cellar, which contains  wines from Santorini vineyards, you’re enjoying a glass of wine - or a  cocktail, or your favorite drink. You watch as the sun begins its fall into the sea,  creating  a spectacle of light and colour of unsurpassing beauty.  You’ve witnessed nature’s high art, one that poets and painters are at pains to imitate.  In the perfect setting  that is Galini Café in Santorini, you have captured a moment in time, to be preserved in memory.

Cold dishes, all-day snacks and other tasy offerings go well with Galini Café’s Assyrtiko, Athiri or Vinsanto wines. As you enjoy your first cocktail of the evening, you will find that this beautiful place brings forth beautiful experiences.
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